Operator Log #5

Hey y’all — hope you had a great week! Was a busy one on our end. Really appreciate everyone who came out to support our Product Hunt launch, we got a huge influx of new users from it!

Here’s what we shipped this week:

  • iMessage conversational interface (see landing page).
  • Chrome extension, i.e. get Operand results in Google.
  • Suggested questions when viewing files.
  • Lots of smaller improvements to billing and overall reliability.

iMessage Interface

You can now use Operand via iMessage! If you’re an existing user, you’ll see a message at the bottom left of the dashboard to get started with iMessage (or you can click your account icon → Interfaces). New users can get started by navigating to the new landing page: https://operand.ai/imessage.

For a little bit of background here, we love what ChatGPT has done for the AI community (i.e. pushed AI into the spotlight and got a lot of people excited about it). We’re excited to share our take on ChatGPT, and perhaps our vision of where technology like this is headed.

Here’s what our chat-bot can do:

  • Can learn new things from the internet. Operand has access to your files, as well as can auto-import content from the web (any web-page, file or YouTube video) if you send it a link.
  • Has long-term memory, i.e. will remember previous conversations you’ve had with it and is able to recall information from them.
  • Can perform numerically accurate calculations, i.e. calculating tips on a bill, or even computing e ^ pi to 3 decimal places.

Chrome Extension

You can now get Operand search results, directly inside Google! As with iMessage, existing users will see a message at the bottom left of the dashboard to get started with the Chrome extension (or you can click your account icon → Interfaces). We’ll be shipping an updated landing page for this next week, along with some important improvements to the extension.

Setting up the extension is easy, you’ll be prompted to download the extension and enter your secure code given to you on the dashboard. Once you enter your code, the extension will fetch your information and let you configure as needed.

Look out for lots of improvements here next week!

Suggested Questions

When viewing a file, you’ll now get some suggestions of questions you could ask Operand to tell you more about. We generate these questions on the fly from the content of the file itself.

Often, when viewing a file, knowing what to look for or what to ask can be a search in and of itself. The suggested questions feature is the first of many discovery-oriented features coming soon to Operand.

Smaller bug fixes / improvements

  • Blog updates and improvements.
  • Our sites are now better SEO optimized.
  • Welcome email for new users, outlining how to get started with Operand as well as how to get in touch with the team.
  • Improvements to our conversational experience across the board, has better knowledge of itself and its own capabilities, etc.
  • Markdown document editor in the dashboard was improved.
  • Disallowed users from subscribing to for the usage-add-on without first subscribing to pro. For only $9.99/mo, pro includes considerable usage worth upwards of $150.
  • Improved fetching and processing of web-pages, more reliable especially for JavaScript-heavy sites.
  • Fixed an issue where document summarization would fail for huge files.
  • Added Lobby case study to the blog.
  • Folders can now be downloaded as .zip files.
  • Fixed an issue where users subscribed to the usage-add-on would be billed for usage included with their base subscription, i.e. either free or pro.
  • Smart folders will now show their status, i.e. ready, processing, or failed.
  • Usage information is now correctly computed relative to the start of your billing period, rather than the start of the month (they typically don’t coincide).